Nxxtech at Feel the future: Blockchain is an enabler, not a solution

October 24, 2018

A prevailing topic of last week's Feel the future fair at Celje (Slovenia) was digital transformation. The term is widely describing different technologies and approaches that are persistently changing the ways businesses evolve today. However, our team was there to explain ways to open new business venues with blockchain.

Nxxtech at Feel the future: Blockchain is an enabler, not a solution

Think big, start small
Nxxtech took part in the professional programme on the topic Digital transformation of companies. Our CMO Sebastjan Pirih explained that digital transformation doesn't only interfere in the technological backbone of the organization, but it usually demands a completely different way of thinking, extensive financial resources, and also a new set of skills. The reason to implement new technology usually lies behind the need to improve processes so that they are more efficient, faster, cheaper and beneficiary for all the stakeholders.

"Blockchain is not a magic pill, solving all the organizations problems at once. However, the appeal of blockchain comes from its inherent features, such as the security, interoperability, data validity and automatization of business agreements that allow organizations to reimagine processes, improve trust where this is necessary and ensure less friction in the long run. In many aspects, the technology is still new and many businesses struggle to identify a good use case. In this aspect, we advise our clients to always start slow. Understand technology, understand its limitations and possibilities: firstly, with a pilot, which gives you the time to test all aspects, remove friction and build all the frameworks necessary for the network ecosystem."

Sebastjan Pirih, Nxxtech CMO

Rocking the sustainability
Feel the Future fair also hosted European Blockchain Meetup 2018, bringing together representatives of companies and government in order to provide a mutual learning space and promote existing applications. In that aspect, Nxxtech`s fully working blockchain architecture has been recognized as a mature project that has advanced with the application of the blockchain to the point it is now ready to solve issues related to Europe`s sustainable goals. Klemen Zajc, working in our blockchain research & development department, showcased Nxxtech`s attributes, including permissioned chain, self-sovereign identity and decentralized storage.